The 26-year-old German model and ex-Nanny to former Spice Girl Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte has made some explosive claims of sex tapes and threesomes during her relationship with the couple. In court papers filed, Lorraine Gilles responds to claims made by Mel B in her divorce filings and denies that the child she was carrying was Stephen's, MSN reported.

Mel B's divorce filing

Melanie Brown known as Mel B, filed for divorce from her husband earlier this year claiming extreme physical abuse and sexual exploitation. She said she was forced to engage in sexual acts with her husband and other men which were videotaped and that he got the nanny pregnant and demanded that she have an abortion.

The Nanny's claim

In her libel suit, Lorraine Gilles revealed that the three of them engaged in sex together and refers to a sexual and employment relationship with Mel B that lasted for almost seven years. According to The Sun, she said that the two of them had sex multiple times a week on occasions during the relationship. The nanny further alleged that she only had sex with Stephen when Mel B told her to do so and during those times Melanie would join in or videotape the events.

Clearing her name

According to Melanie B's nanny, she filed the libel suit to clear her name of what she calls lies spread by the former Spice Girl in order to get an advantage in her divorce proceedings. She denies that she has any sex tapes and described the shame and disgrace she has endured at the hands of internet trolls based on how she has been portrayed by her former boss.

She also denies that she was pregnant by Belafonte and said that Melanie paid for her abortion.

A sexual employment relationship

Lorraine Gilles described her relationship with the family of Mel B as a sexual employment relationship. She recounted their first meeting that took place when she was just 18 in a restaurant in West Hollywood.

She was a new arrival from Germany and was invited to the couple's home where she participated in consensual group sex. She accepted a job as nanny to Melanie's three children after finishing her English studies and returning to Germany. Mel B helped her get a work visa to return to the US.

A contentious breakup

The former Spice Girl reportedly named her nanny in her divorce filing suggesting that she contributed to the breakup of the family.

Lorraine Gilles who is married strongly disputes this characterization in her court papers. She was fired from her six thousand plus a month job and given a $30,000 severance package in September 2016. Gilles claims she is now working as a waitress.