Optimus Prime is frozen in space after travelling through the galaxy searching for his 'Creators'. He eventually crashes onto Cybertron, only to learn that it has been destroyed. His Creator, Quintessa, is inhabiting the planet and commands Optimus, who becomes Nemesis Prime, to retrieve Merlin's staff used during the reign of King Arthur to destroy Unicron.

Meanwhile on Earth, the humans continue their mission to destroy all Transformers. Major Lennox's team called TRF trace Cade Yeager and a young girl called Izzy, who is living in the ruins of Chicago with Squeaks.

Cade and Bumblebee return to a junkyard where they are living with the surviving Autobots and Dinobots. Cade encounters an amulet that followed him to the junk yard. Megatron invades it with other Decepticons he released by bartering with General Lennox. However, they are outnumbered by the Autobots and Dinobots and retreat. A British Autobot called Cogman asks Cade to briefly abandon Izzy and his Autobot and Dinobot friends to meet Sir Edmund Burton at Dover.

When they arrive at Dover, Sir Edmund Burton introduces Vivien Wembley, who was kidnapped in Oxford by Autobot Hot Rod. Sir Edmund informs Vivien that she is the only one who can command the staff that is essential to kill Quintessa and control Autobot Dragonstorm.

They learn when they visit London that Stonehenge is the location of Unicron's heart.

Nemesis Prime follows Cade, Vivien, Bumblebee and TRF underwater to trace Unicron. He stole the staff from Vivien after they found it in Merlin's tomb. When he rises from the sea, Nemesis tries to kill Bumblebee and Cade until the former communicates with him in his actual voice.

Nemesis remembers he is Optimus Prime and returns to his usual self. The Autobot Knights attempt to kill Optimus for his betrayal until Cade uses King Arthur's sword to control the Knights and prevent them from murdering him. Optimus teams up with the Knights, Autobots, humans and former Transformers murder squad TRF, who abandon their mission to hunt them, and destroy Quintessa.

The Decepticons protect Quintessa from the Autobot-human invasion and are defeated. Bumblebee assists Optimus and destroys Quintessa, preventing her from destroying Unicron. Vivien also uses the staff to help them do this.

Transformers The Last Knight features an all-star cast. Mark Wahlberg returns as Cade Yeager and Nickelodeon actress Isabelle Moner plays herself. Peter Cullen reprises his role as Optimus Prime. Josh Duhamel makes a surprise appearance as General Alex Lennox. Sir Anthony Hopkins plays Sir Edmund Burton. Sir Anthony Hopkins performs a brilliant job as Sir Edmund Burton and was by far the strongest actor. He was naturally suited to the role of Sir Edmund Burton and played an excellent job as the narrator throughout the beginning.

This was an incredibly fast-paced movie that left fans like me wanting more. The best scene was the final battle at the end when Cybertron and Earth collide. The humans finally cast aside their differences with the Autobots and ally with them once again to destroy a mutual enemy. They manage to prevent Cybertron from being annihilated and rescue Earth at the same time. But the reason why this final scene was so powerful was because it left a cliffhanger at the end, which you will notice if you watch the film.

This sequel was almost as strong as Transformers (2007). It makes you realise that Megatron's purpose on Earth all this time was to murder Unicron through innovative ways that he experimented with in the previous stories.

However, like its predecessors, it left some significant plot holes. For example, how did Galvatron become Megatron since The Age Of Extinction (2014)? What happens generally in between this film and The Age of Extinction? How did the Autobots retrieve Lockdown's ship when it was flying off in The Age of Extinction? Where did the junior Dinobots originate from and why were Slug and Grimlock only featured in the film? Where were Strafe and Scorn? Hopefully with a new director for the next two films, they can use a fresh pair of eyes to solve all these plot holes, although The Last Knight helped solve most of the mysteries from the previous films by explaining what Megatron's purpose on Earth was all this time.

Transformers The Last Knight was a superb film and a fine edition to the collection. I would rate it 7/10 because even though the special effects were spectacular and the story was a substantial improvement from the last three films, the plot holes let it down. But I would still recommend you go and see it immediately. Like all Michael Bay movies, it was explosive.