After watching the new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, I am tingling with excitement. Equally, I am curious as to whether Michael Bay's team of writers have made the story incredibly complicated... again.

The first Transformers film explains how Cybertron, the home planet of our admired robot aliens, was created using an All-Spark. We had no knowledge that Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, and Megatron, his Decepticon rival, were originally knights. We were led to believe that the All-Spark created the Transformers. Apparently not.

It is no secret that each film has had an almost entirely separate story. There are very few connections that link each film together. That formula works well with the Indiana Jones stories, but with Transformers, not so much. In these films we are trying to learn more about their species. That is why I do hope the new team of writers Bay has employed can tie up these loose ends.

Yet the writers' room for The Last Knight includes Black Hawk Down scribe Ken Nolan, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. All of these are outstanding series, so let us hope they can tie up all the loose ends between the new film and its predecessors. It seems Bay has finally paid attention to the critics' views instead of looking at the dollar signs he has earned from these films thus far.

For those who have watched the films, it would make sense if the Creators designed the All-Spark, used it to create Cybertron and the original Primes. That would help link the entire story so far altogether. In The Age of Extinction, we learn about the Creators. The new trailer seems to reveal only one Creator: Quintessa. For those of you who grew up in the 80s with the original cartoon series and in the 90s with the re-mastered edition, this is a frustrating error.

Quintessa is the planet that the original creators of the Transformers, the Quintessons live on. Throughout The Age of Extinction we were led to believe Optimus Prime and his compatriots had more than one creator. Now we learn the head of this unknown entity is named after the planet the evil Quintessons originally lived on.

How many more mistakes can these films make before people resort to refusing to see them to remain loyal to the original cartoon series? How much more can fans take before they hijack the release of every new film?

This theory that Optimus Prime and Megatron were originally knights on Earth in the past needs explaining, and fast. There was no mention of this possibility in the first three films. But suddenly, in the Age of Extinction, we encounter this untold fact. How can Megatron go from crashing onto Earth, freezing for thousands of years and find time to serve as an English knight during the Medieval times? How come Optimus Prime never mentioned this when he crashed onto Earth and met Sam Witwicky?

This needs clearing up, and fast.

The one thing I love about these films is that they bring to life the action I grew up to love in the original cartoon series. But the story keeps getting more complicated. I can only hope these established writers Bay has hired can clean up their predecessors' work.