Justin Bieber is a global star. The 23-year-old Canadian singer has charmed audiences around the world and it was on the cards he would visit Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Bieber arrived by his personal jet and was received at the airport by the special bodyguard of actor Salman khan, named Sheru. Beiber performed at the Dy Patil Stadium on the outskirts of Mumbai. The minimum ticket was Rs 4000 and the maximum touched Rs 76000. Top Mumbai and Bollywood stars including Arjun Rampal, Alia Bhat, Bipasha Basu and husband Karan Singh, Malaika Arora, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sridevi, and much more attended the show.

Justin Bieber called the Mumbai concert "the best night of his life". The police had made great arrangements and the stadium of 45000 was packed to capacity. Bieber came on stage at 8.15 pm and that shows he was punctual. He started with his latest hit and the crowd loved it. Bieber performed for two hours. He closed the show with " baby" and thanked his fans in India. He said "Thank you India. You have been great. I would love to come again". Before Justin took the stage the show was kickstarted by artists Alan Walker, Sartek, and Zaeden.


Mumbai is the favourite venue for foreign pop singers. It has a cosmopolitan population and is also home to Bollywood, the rival of Hollywood. One is reminded of the show by Michael Jackson.

He was a real showman and picked up a girl from the audience to dance with him. It was a thrilling moment. But that is a long time back and Jackson is only a memory now.

Bieber charms

Justin Bieber charmed his fans. When he sang " baby' the entire stadium sang with him. He also belted out his other hits like Cold Water, Boyfriend, Where are You Now, Sorry and I'll Show You.

Before starting the show Bieber visited an orphanage. However, the minus point was the hot and humid weather. One girl, a diehard fan of Bieber, fainted and had to be taken away. One wonders that Bieber could have planned his show in winter when Mumbi is pleasant. In addition, there were very few garbage bins and the result was the entire place was littered aftre the show.

Somebody has to look into this.

Last word

All in all, it was a great show and Justin cemented his hold over his fans. He is a great singer and has a smooth voice. People thought he will come by helicopter, but he didn't. Indian Industrialist Ambani came by chopper. The show is over and Indian fans of Bieber would be hoping he comes again. He probably will with the show costing $4 million and a big pie for him.