Many of you probably despise these young Celebrities and the way a lot of your teenagers may worship their feet. Now I am most definitely not saying that they should be treated better than the rest of society but I do think they deserve some respect.

Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, is surrounded by a great deal of pressure. Now of course this young man has done a series of offences such as being arrested for DUI, drag racing, and resisting arrest. I know all of these are unacceptable and when I heard the news I was disgusted. However, many people have committed these crimes but because Bieber is in the limelight, it doubles the disappointment, which I think is also unacceptable.

This is not the only incident where Bieber is involved in anti-social activity but he had been found abusing drugs including sizzurp, also known as purple drank. It seems like he has been ambled with constant pressure and hate since the day he got into the Music industry. When he first started out he didn't have any drug issues or police offences; he was just a young boy living his dream. He appeared on a Youtube video called ''Celebrites read mean tweets'' and was given hate that said, ''God give usback Tupac and we'll give you Justin Bieber''. If you don't know Tupac Shakur,he was an American rapper who was shot on September 13, 1996.

Bieber's music has drastically changed from 2009-2012 as he now collaborateswith rappers and has completely changed up his sound as if to try and impressand live up to the pressure.

He has done a number of great things such assupporting many charities including: Pencils of promise, Make a wish, Boys andgirls club of America, City of Hope, and many more. He donates $1 from eachticket he sells and donates it to Pencils of Promise, which is a charityfocusing on getting less fortunate children good education.

He went toGuatemala and physically helped build a school and gave his shoes to a childwho never owned any shoes. He raised three million dollars for the Philippines andheld a concert.

But of course people ignore all the positive things he has done to help the world because of mistakes he has made. If you don't like him and think he is a bad influence that is completely fine but you should never say he hasn't done anything to help anyone or he doesn't deserve his fame because he does.

I think some of us just need to respect him more. He may not deserve to be let off so easy for his crimes but he does deserve his musical career, he got where he is now fairly. He was discovered on Youtube just by making self videos and he deserved to be found. I hope we can all agree it wasn't based on his looks but his talent because he hadn't reached puberty yet.

I hope this article has made you think about cutting Bieber some slack. I am not a deluded Bieber worshipper who can't see the bad things he has done but I think we need  to have a more positive mindset.