Sir Roger Moore is no more. He died after a short fight with cancer. Moore has however left an endearing image of a gentleman. He died in Switzerland but was a true Englishman. It is important to understand that Moore had carved a special place in India. He had a fairly large following in the sub-continent.

Sir Roger Moore

Moore starred in a number of James Bond films. He took over from Sean Connery who had earlier held sway as the super spy. Many felt that Connery as Bond was a shade better but Moore was not far behind. The film which Indians loved was " Octopussy" which was shot extensively in Delhi and Rajasthan.

It also starred the Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi as the villain. " Octopussy" had lavish locales in palaces and hotels in India and Moore enjoyed his stay.


James Bond is a British spy with the code number 007. He is the only agent licensed to kill. The character was created by Ian Fleming, a naval officer in navy intelligence during World War II. Fleming used his wartime experience to create a fictitious character called James Bond. All the books of Fleming have been filmed and have been hits at the box office. Bond is a character that rivals Sherlock Holmes in terms of popularity.

Sir Roger Moore will be sorely missed. His image will remain for as long as films are made. He brought the character of James Bond alive.Apart from "Octopussy" he also starred in six other James Bond films.

He could only get the role of the super spy after Sean Connery expressed a desire not to do any more Bond movies.

Moore as secret agent Bond

He did his first role as James Bond in 1973. He was the oldest actor to portray Bond. His seven films are a testimony to his success. His other movies included " The spy who loved me" and "Live and let die".

After Connery retired Timothy Dalton acted in one Bond movie " On her Majesty's secret service" before he got the role of James Bond.

Sir Roger Moore leaves behind three children. In addition, he will be remembered as the star who played the secret agent. Moore acted in other films as well as television serials also but it will be safe to say that his role as the spy James Bond will endure forever.

Last word

James Bond movies are popular in India. After Sir Moore retired from Bond films at the age of 58 other stars have filled his shoes. Sean Connery and Moore were in a class by themselves and his movies in re- runs do well even now. Indians will always remember his fight atop a moving airplane with Kabir Bedi in "Octopussy." Sir Roger Moore will be remembered as an actor who lived his roles. Not many can leave such a large fan following behind.