"Raees" 6 days (sixth day) collections at the Indian box office grossed Rs 138.6 to 140 crores. On the other hand, the "Raees" six days collections at the overseas box office grossed Rs 55.63 to 57.13 crores. The total 6 days collections of "Raees" movie are Rs 194.23 to 197.13 crores. After grossing close to Rs 185.21 crores at the worldwide box office in its 5 days run, "Raees" performed well on the Monday at the ticket window where it minted close to Rs 9 to 12 crores gross on 6th day of its release. So let's check the areawise collections of the movie in its 6 days run worldwide below.


'Raees' movie six days collections at the Indian box office

"Raees" movie minted 20.42 crores on Wednesday, Rs 26.30 crores on Thursday, Rs 13.11 crores on Friday, Rs 15.61 crores nett on Saturday and Rs 17.80 crores on Sunday at the ticket window. The film has a decent run at the ticket window on 6th day of its release, it minted close to Rs 6.5 to 8 crores nett at the ticket window. With this, the total collections of the film in 6 days are Rs 98.74 to 101.24 crores.


The gross amount is close to Rs 138.23 to 141.73 crores.

Thus the movie was expected to collect close to Rs 100 crores nett at the Indian box office and we need to wait for official confirmation from the makers to know whether it reached Rs 100 crore mark at the ticket window or not? in a few more hours.

'Raees' movie 6 days overseas collection

After minting close to Rs 8 crores on Sunday, "Raees" was expected to collect Rs 2 to 2.5 crores on Monday.

The total 6 days collections of "Raees" at the ticket window will be close to Rs 54.63 to 56.63 crores.

Thus after grossed Rs 50 crore mark from the International markets in its 1st weekend, "Raees" is steady at the ticket window on day 6 at the overseas markets

'Raees' total six days worldwide collections

The total six days collections of "Raees" movie are close to Rs 194. 23 to 197.13 gross. Thus the film is inching towards Rs 200 crores club at the worldwide box office.

If the film maintains consistency at the box office for one more week then it can easily enter Rs 300 crores club worldwide, otherwise, it will collect above Rs 240 crores gross in its total run at the ticket window.

However, "Raees" is one of the best opening weekend collections among Shah Rukh Khan movies. So let's wait and see how the movie is going to perform at the ticket window in its forthcoming days.


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