Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have a strange relationship which keeps swinging from distinctly comradely to often brusque and abrasive.

However, last week some pictures were going viral on the web which revealed that King Khan would be having a particular role in Salman Khan's upcoming film “Tubelight”. They have worked together in “Karan Arjun” which went on to become the biggest hit of the 90’s.

A few weeks ago, Nasir Khan, the son of the legendary comedian, Johnny Walker, had posted three pictures of himself along with SRK and Salman as well as the director of the film Kabir Khan.

Earlier a tweet by trade analyst Komal Nahta which was deleted later reported that Shahrukh would be playing a cameo role in "Tubelight".

When news reporters asked the big Khan about the news, he said that he also heard the news and it will be better if the fourth estate asked the concerned producer to know the facts.

SRK and Sallu provided much fodder for the fourth estate, and they never tried to clear the haze of uncertainty about their relationship. They were occasionally seen at iftar parties and bear hugged each other while the flash bulbs went mad.

SRK to promote 'Raees' on Big Boss

However, it was only two years ago when they smoothened their tumultuous relationship. It is rumoured that King Khan will be promoting his film “Raees” on the Salman Khan hosted TV show “Big Boss.”

"Tubelight", the next film from Kabir Khan has already created a huge buzz in the media and the public alike.

The movie is said to be a story set in 1962 after the Chinese invasion of Kashmir. It also stars Chinese actress Zhu Zhu who will play the love interest of Sallu Miya.

Love stories across borders have been lapped up by the Indian public in the past.

Remember “Henna” a film which talked about a Hindu boy from India falling in love with a Muslim girl in Pakistan.

The main characters were played by Rishi Kapoor and Zeba Bhaktiar. With Chinese goods invading every section of Indian society it is not long before it also enters Bollywood and who else will be more apt to explore the new Cheeni Hindi Bhai-Bhai bonhomie than Salman Khan.