The American DJ Duo, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, who are known to the world as "The chainsmokers" are back again with their latest passionately woven track, “Paris”, as a New Years gift for all Music lovers around the world.

Even though Paris is called the city of love, the track in no way connotes to any geographical semblance, rather the listeners are piqued with the duo’s novel meaning of the term 'Paris' that speaks of heart rendering yearning to be lost in a virtual reality from which they do not have to walk away.

Striking the mushy chord of the listeners the track takes the listeners to a fantasy world full of unquenched desires and dreams where they do not have to hide their feelings.

Closer was outstandingly magnificent

"Paris" is not as soft or dewy like “Roses” or “Closer” but is certainly pleasant to the ear and blended with the guitar licks its overall effect is hypnotic. It is being identified with the duo’s earlier ‘Indie rock remixes’ touch that had been lost during their quest for success.

Even musically it is nowhere around “Closer” their last super hit track that had stood unwavering for a good 12 consecutive weeks. It went on to become the No 1 rank at the Billboards yet when words that seem insignificant and empty like “holding a cigarette, sporting a frown and clicking pictures for the Internet are visually exhibited on the video with the familiar signature of 'the Chainsmokers', one knows that they are embarking familiar grounds.

Lyrics that strike a chord

Songs that can be related to while listening can make everyone gushy with emotions and that is what “Paris” is all set to do. Twitter by Taggart hints that he loves to pen down lyrics that speak of moments, moments that can be lived again and that is what he has done with this latest single. Voiced by him the four-minute track creates a trance that inch higher with the sensual voice of a female singer who is heard for some bare seconds.

Somewhere in the harmonious connection between the ear that listens and the eyes that watch “Paris” touches you and leaves a trail of hope and wondrous thought as to who would not fall in love with such magic!