Former Harry Potter heroine Emma Watson will showcase her singing credentials in the upcoming Disney remake of Beauty and the Beast. The 26-year-old will play Belle in the new musical alongside a glitzy cast that includes Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson and Lord of the Rings’ star Sir Ian McKellan.

Possibility to emulate La La Land’s success?

A trailer for the fantasy tale – set to be released on March 17th - was aired at the recent Golden Globes Awards ceremony, where the success of another musical La La Land demonstrated the possibilities for Watson’s own project.

The tuneful rendition of the song “Something More” seems to have delighted her global legion of admirers, as they eagerly await the imminent release date.

Sumptuous Disney remake

The sumptuous Beauty and the Beast remake combines the heady concoction of romance and fantasy against a musical backdrop, as it seeks to transport viewers into a world where anything is possible.

Directed by Bill Condon (whose previous credits include the highly-acclaimed Twilight series and Dreamgirls), the new live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated story attempts to retain the original characters and values whilst adding a modern flourish and several new songs.

Belle meets the Beast

The beautiful Belle enters the enchanted castle of the Beast – played by Dan Stevens – seeking her father Maurice (portrayed by Kevin Kline).

An agreement is reached whereby her father is released in exchange for Belle’s imprisonment.

Enchanted by her surroundings

Casting aside her initial concerns, Belle warms to her captor over time and sees beyond his outward appearance to the true heart and soul of the human prince that lies within. However, the course of true love never runs smooth and the arrival of a fresh suitor in the form of a hunter called Gaston (The Hobbit star Luke Evans) threatens a violent conclusion to the tale.

Determined young woman

Watson clearly has all the attributes to be a Disney princess after her memorable performances as Hermione Granger, but her vocal abilities will have been largely unknown to many film fans until now.

However, given her faculty for taking on a challenge it should not be such a big surprise. This is a determined young woman who continued her acting commitments whilst studying for a degree in English literature, adding that accolade to her distinguished CV in 2014.

UN Ambassador role

Clearly keen to expand her experiences, she has also found time in her busy schedule in the past to take part in modelling campaigns for Burberry and Lancome, besides acting as a United Nations Ambassador. That high-profile role prompted Watson to promote the weighty topic of gender equality through the well-supported campaign HeForShe.