“A couple of words for all you hopefuls out there in unsigned bands: F*ck off. Seriously, your parents are right. You may as well spend your guitar-string money on lottery tickets - your chances will be much the same”. ― Steven Stelfox, Kill Your Friends

Guilty Pleasures

Forgive the profanity but he makes a very good point. This is Steven Stelfox, one of the nastiest literary characters since Satan, The Bible (experimental author unknown), speaking of his distain of the Music industry during the mid 90's in the book/film Kill Your Friends. I have this film on repeat pretty much monthly.

I love it. It's one of those guilty pleasures that you know you really shouldn't be liking, the character so dark you really shouldn't be rooting for, but root you do, and I love it. To my brother, who first pointed me in the direction of this title, Stelfox has become his life guru.

Rock Star

The problem I have with this movie is that it hurts my soul. It destroys my desires and shatters my dreams. It tells me to 'give up' on every page and has me questioning my ambitions. Let me explain. Whilst my day job is working here, the brand new, revolutionary media outlet that is Blasting News as their VP of sales, my early career baring no small resemblance to that of a music executive in the 90's, I also have a secret passion.

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a........no not a gangster, Goodfella’s fans out there, but a rock star!

Media Industry

After studying music in my younger years and spending most days behind some sort of music stand be it classical, brass band (a trumpet sensation in my early years) singing or dj'ing, my new media career in my early 20's put a very sudden stop to it all.

The endless parties, the booze, the London networking and more importantly the hangovers were all far too severe, and at the time to me at least, too important, to even think about picking up anything that would berate my senses and keep me from festering in my 'down' time. With the exception of the occasional drunken singalong at 3am, music sadly, was to take a back seat.