Jackson Lynch from Australia and Patrick Thompson born in UK are musicians and friends who I first met when they performed with their band "The Prowlers" at 'Lost Weekend', my favourite Café in Munich.They are not only well known in Munich's Music scene, but also helping other musicians by offering them an international platform called 'Munich Sessions' on a monthly basis.

Blasting News: Hey Jackson and Patrick! Why did you originally start Munich Sessions?

Patrick: We both have a lot of musician friends and noticed a gap in Munich for up and coming or first time touring bands, so with that in mind we started the first monthly show Munich Sessions.

Blasting News: Why did you move to Munich?

Jackson: I left Australia when i was 18 and was travelling a lot. I came to Munich for the Oktoberfest and immediately fell in love with the city. At that time i was living in UK and decided to move to Munich.

Patrick: I've studied music in UK for four years. Five years ago i moved to Munich because of a girl. I made many new friends and just stayed.

B N: How did you meet?

Jackson: It was a weird coincidence, guess it was all meant to be. The girlfriend Patrick moved to Munich for was a friend of mine. Later we founded our own band "The Prowlers" with another mate. We were performing a lot in different pubs and venues here in Germany. We then got inspired to run a music event to support local and international artists.

B N: You meet loads of musicians all the time. How do you decide which artists play the concerts?

Jackson: We get countless applications indeed - like four or five a day. Often it's a bit tricky to choose the right people. We would like to give everybody a chance and are always open to learn about new musicians. We do have a vast data base, trying to experiment with different genres.

Sometimes we have bands coming from far away and already quite well known like the Australian band Boo Seeka. We help to make them more known in Europe as well.

Patrick: In the end its all about live performances and how the crowd reacts. Its important for us to offer a big variety of all styles of music and lyrics everybody can relate to.

B N: What's the differences between Munich Sessions, Sunday Sessions and Flat Sessions?

Patrick: Munich Sessions is a monthly show and the name of our company. Sunday Sessions and Flat Sessions (which you can find on our Youtube Channel) are all branches of the same tree. Sunday Sessions is actually meant to be like a smaller version of "MTV Unplugged Concerts" which was very big in the 90s. Quite intimate and relaxing. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

B N: Are you planning to do some outdoor concerts in the summer?

Jackson: Yeah, we will do a charity concert in July for "Musik schafft Heimat" at Glockenbachwerkstatt but our home is Lost Weekend, since its located very central and proved to be a convenient space for everybody who is into music and art.

In April we are planning a trip to setup a farm studio in Croatia where The Ocelots will record a new EP.

B N: Sounds great! What about your own Vinyl which will be released soon?

Jackson: It's a compilation of some artists who performed for Munich Sessions in 2016. We're busy organising a release party in Munich in January. The date and exact venue will be announced on Facebook. The Vinyl will be sold at Lost Weekend and Munich Sessions concerts.

Patrick: In October we are going to have a breast cancer awareness concert as well with only female artists.

B N: Talking about 2017 - You have a special discount promotion for music fans?

Jackson: Thats right! We are offering a year pass, including a t-shirt, tote bag, and entrance to 24 concerts.

Its two concerts a month, which means you can get to see 60 bands for only 160 €. You also get a discount for special events like Boo Seeka. Check us out on instagram and our official webpage which contains a blog where we are sharing our experiences and special promotions.

B N: Thanks for the interview! See you on Friday at Munich Sessions!