It seems that Deepika is hiding herself to avoid giving an answer on her and Ranveer Singh's relationship.

News coming from Bollywood stated that Deepika will not be available for Karan Johar's famous chat show "Coffee with Karan." She uses an excuse of her busy schedule in order to keep herself safe from Karan's questions that will surely include the status of her relationship.

The team of "Coffee with Karan" has been trying to bring Deepika into the show for many weeks. At first, she was thought to come with Shahid Kapoor due to their latest release, but then Shahid Kapoor decided to come with his wife Meera.

There was also news that Deepika was willing to appear with Vin Diesel, but Karan decided not to make his show a Film promo, therefore he refused to call in Vin Diesel with Deepika.

Deepika is busy in promoting her Hollywood Debut

Now when it's almost season finale of the show, Deepika had not still decided to choose her partner to take to a "Coffee with Karan". Keeping all in view Deepika finally decided to skip the show, making as an excuse her upcoming movie promotion.

Deepika could have had a full-time slot for the show if she wanted to, but now it is clear that she is intentionally keeping herself away from the show. And it is known to everyone that her decision was to avoid the question about her relationship status with Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh did not open his mouth on relationship question

A few days ago when Ranveer Singh joined "Coffee with Karan" Johar, on a question about his relationship he tried to avoid the question. That was the thing that created rumours about the breakup between Deepika and Ranveer. Deepika did not want to mention a clear yes or no on the question related to her relationship and to create news.

But it does not seem to go in favour of Deepika because her excuse from the show already made the news.

Deepika's Hollywood debut in 'xXx: Return of the Xander Cage"'thisJanuary

Deepika Padukone in her Hollywood debut is playing a role of a sexy huntress. Deepika also revealed that she calls Vin Diesel a "Teddy Bear" on set. Deepika's fans are keenly waiting for the movie of their beloved sensation.