The pornography industry has been under the microscope for much of the past year. Whether it be the HIV outbreak, CNN mistakenly airing thirty minutes of a porn film, or performer Amber Rayne dying under mysterious circumstances, the industry has never been far away from the headlines. Nikki Benz, one of porn's biggest stars, has described how she "went into shock on set and cried" for the first time in her thirteen year career because she was raped by adult film performer, Tony T. The 35 year old actress was shooting a scene for porn industry behemoth Brazzers when director Tony T stomped on her head before violently chocking her.

Benz said that she pleaded with Tony T to "cut the scene" but he said no, adding that she was "not okay with this". However, her continued objections to the scene didn't stop Tony T. "It wasn't supposed to be a rape scene", Benz wrote on Twitter, explicitly stating that both Tony T and Brazzers were complicit in her Sexual Assault.

Nikki Benz has acted as the brand ambassador for Brazzers since she was appointed in the role back in June.

Benz said: "The company should have had my back from day one, but Brazzers has failed me. What happened to me could have happened to anyone"

In a statement released on Trendzz, Brazzers egregiously attempted to distance themselves from Nikki Benz's claims. Brazzers stated that they are not responsible for the production of content directly: Instead, Brazzers said that they commission producers.

"We understand that this was an unscripted scene with the artistic direction left open to the producer's discretion", said a Brazzers spokesman.

In response to online backlash, Brazzers fired Tony T. However, Tony T's departure did not translate in an apology to Nikki Benz, who labelled the firing as nothing but a PR stunt designed ostensibly to save face.

Shawna Lenee, a former Brazzers' performer, rejected Brazzers' claims that they contract producers on a third party contract. Lenee corroborated Benz' claims, stating that she previously encountered issues with Tony T in 2014. "Tony T was yelling at the crew and throwing things. He has a temper problem and is emotionally abusive on a daily basis. I informed the production manager of Tony T's actions but they treated it like it was an everyday occurrence", said Lenee.

Similarly, Gen Padova recalled working with Tony T in the mid 2000s. "I was used to rough scenes, so I didn't think much of him being borderline abusive. However, there was always an uneasiness about filming with Tony T. I wanted to develop a reputation as a reliable worker during those days, but now I know I'd put my foot down", said Padova.

Occurrences like this are endemic in the pornography industry. Not only have there been recorded instances of male performers being both physically and emotionally abusive, but Aurora Snow, a former adult performer, said that certain directors would prey on newcomers by coercing them into sex with the promise of further work.

"I was on set after my scene and the director lured me into the other room. I froze up and didn't try to stop him because I was scared I wouldn't get paid or receive future bookings", said former performer Tara Lynn Foxx.