The cat and mouse game between an aspiring cricketer and an encounter specialist crafted in the most thrilling style; this is how we can review "Appatlo Okadundevadu" in a single line. Directed by Sagar K Chandra, this Telugu film was released on December 30, 2016.

With an absorbing story, Sagar has succeeded in delivering a fully loaded entertainer which will make the audiences sit tight throughout the running time. Strong performances from Nara Rohith and Sree Vishnu played a crucial role in elevating the mood of the film, while the supporting star cast which includes, Taniya Hope, Brahmaji and Rajiv Kanakala too did their roles with perfection.

Lagging first half, fast-paced second half

The initial minutes of the film may not overwhelm the viewers, as the director took a little more time to introduce the nature of the lead characters.

Later, he shifts the circumstances to prime gear, and from then, the audiences will be taken to a thrilling adventurous ride. In the last twenty minutes, the film is loaded with emotions, and it will make the audiences impressed for sure. Sai Karthik's mysterious background score is another highlight of this flick.

Public response

The film revolves around the story of a young cricketer Railway Raju who aim is to make it big in the Indian National Cricket team. An unexpected event changes his life upside down, and within no time, he became the target of an encounter specialist.

Helpless Raju goes out to take revenge on the sharpshooter reaches a crime syndicate, and from then he too starts evolving as a small time gangster.

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The final call

"Appatlo Okadundevadu" is a well-made thriller, and you can book the tickets for this film without any hesitation. With adequate elements of thrill and action, Sagar has made a stylish entertainer which will satisfy moviegoers of all genres.

If trade experts can be believed, the movie is expected to gross somewhere around 6 Crores by the end of this weekend inspite of Aamir Khans "Dangal" still running to packed houses in Andra Pradesh and Telangana.