“Rock On 2” fell at the box-office but managed to spark a beautiful relationship between two individuals and made them reach out to each other in companionship as close friends.

No one could have interpreted that this friendship between the two i.e. Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar being flaunted in parties as close dance sequences and public appearances would transform into something else. Are we talking about love?

Guess we are, else why would a demure girl live-in with a man at his apartment, leaving behind the security of her childhood abode?

You are coming back home with me! Snarls the father

Now, just when the tinsel town was talking in hushed whispers about the tentative start of a new romance and was alive with buzz about the couple moving in to live together comes the punch from the father i.e. Shakti Kapoor.

And Sunday became the witness to Shraddha being forcibly taken back to her parental home in Juhu by her father and her aunt Padmini Kolhapure, from her alleged lover Farhan’s apartment.

Married Man! Not ideal for my daughter

Reportedly villain Kapoor was in profuse anger at this live-in arrangement of his daughter with Javed Akhtar’s son.

His wife and he as parents are being said to be in a vehement denial mode at this unconventional choice of their daughter.

Farhan still being a married man not yet officially divorced from his former wife Adhuna Babhani and father of two is not their ideal pick for their lovely daughter.

Shakti comes out with clarifications

With news of his dragging his daughter home on all social sites on 28th December, Mr. Kapoor exclusively declared this news as rubbish today i.e.

29th December and is openly mocking those who have reported such news.

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He confirmed that Shraddha had gone to Farhan’s flat on Sunday but had been accompanied by Arjun Rampal and his wife Mehr Rampal for a friendly dinner.

But it is not the first time in Bollywood when the matter is being kept hidden in the closet before any official statement of the authenticity of the relationship.

What left’s to be seen is whether Shakti Kapoor was telling us the truth or did he really bring back his daughter from her lover’s apartment? Only Time will tell!