After 2014's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" not performing to expectations, Sony's Spidey universe was scrapped and the wall-crawler returned to Marvel and Disney. Now, under the stewardship of 'Cop Car's Jon Watts and several writers, among them being Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley (Horrible Bosses, Vacation), we are going back to Peter Parker's high school years.

The Film stars Tom Holland as the web slinger, with Michael Keaton set to turn from hero to villain as Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture, and bringing along the likes of Marisa Tomei, Zedaya, Donald Glover and Robert Downey Jr.

as Tony Stark, who will serve as Spidey's mentor.

What are the pros?

Based on this trailer, it feels like 'Homecoming' is the best of both previous Spidey film worlds. The dramedy sensibilities and attention to character of the Webb films are present, with the more heightened comic book sensibilities and spectacle of the Raimi trilogy (Really, tell me you didn't think of the train sequence from SM2 when you saw the last shot of the ship). Holland himself has that kind of really malleable, expressive face of Maguire, with the youth and spriteliness of Garfield´s portrayal. The costume too: the sleekness of Webb, with the colour of Raimi.

Also, the film had a good sense of humour about itself, not just in line with the comics, but also not being afraid to poke fun at the MCU and teen movie cliches.

This obvious love letter to John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller) and the smaller scale could be really refreshing after so many globetrotting, countrywide tales of catastrophe and betrayal in the MCU films. Perhaps it might even be slower paced so we can just enjoy being around everyone and get a chance to really get inside the character's heads and explore their dynamics, something that has been a regular criticism of the MCU.

Now, for the cons:

As much fun as it all looks, I'm not getting much of a sense of narrative from this. I'm worried this may end up being more like a bridging story ala 'Iron Man 2', designed to fit in more with 'Civil War' than tell a well-formed story in its own right. I don't feel I have much of a sense of what Peter's arc is, and more just little moments designed to make him like a fun, likeable protagonist.

What are the stakes for him, outside of the usual 'save lives' from superhero fare? What significance does Stark play in his life and how does that affect his path as a hero?

Also, more Keaton. Not just because more Keaton is always a good thing, especially as a villain (he was sublime in Pacific Heights) but I also didn't get much of a sense of how he fits in with what we do see of Peter's story, or his own motivations. If the whole 'suit is slowly killing him' bit from the script leaks is true, this could make Toomes one of the more threatening human villains in the MCU. After all, what's more dangerous than someone with nothing but their life to lose? Plus, his older age and desperation to hold onto life could make a great thematic contrast against the youthful Peter and his willingness to live it.

So, those are my thoughts

It's very slick, hitting a lot of the right notes, but it feels more like the trailer was designed to ease fans' worries about tone and Holland than to really give a full sense of what direction they want to go in. It has me intrigued, but also a tad concerned about how much of this was a story the creative team wanted to tell vs a mandate from Disney. Come 2017, we shall know.