The United Kingdom's top dating coach and expert, James Preace offers simple tips to become more attractive to the opposite sex. James suggests the key to appearing more attractive boils down to ten pointers that anyone can try. From looking into people's eyes to wearing lipstick (I'm not so sure this will have the same effect for men, sorry boys), these tips can turn you into the charmer you have always wanted to be in mere minutes.

How can you appear more attractive?

1. Smile

Smiling conveys that you're a positive person, which will make it easier for anyone to connect with you.

Research has supported that men find women who smile more attractive than those who do not. There's just something infectious about a genuine smile.

2. Look Into Their Eyes

When you come across the person of your desires, it is important to look into their eyes. Studies on charisma have demonstrated that when you look into someone eyes and pay close enough attention to them so that you notice what their eye color is, you're more likely to be perceived as charming and charismatic. Preace suggests it also exudes confidence.

3. Be A Good Listener

Studies illustrate that people are drawn to people who listen to them. Practice becoming a good listener by actively paying attention to what the other person is saying.

A good guide to follow is to listen 50% more than you speak. When you do talk, make it about the person by asking questions about the things that are important to them. People naturally love talking about themselves and by allowing them to do so, this activates the same "pleasure centers of the brain that are associated with food and money."

4. Own The Space Around You

Stand upright and confidently, to appear more attractive to others.

Standing tall exudes confidence and sex appeal so straighten that back and own the space around you.

5. Compliment

If you want someone to find you more attractive in minutes, just offer them a few genuine compliments. Mainly pay attention to what they seem to pride the most in themselves and what they put the most effort into, and compliment those things.

Compliments make people feel important, and a feeling of importance will cause the person be drawn to you.

6. Believe You're Attractive

Believing that you're attractive and being comfortable in your skin, is an effective way to exude confidence, which will attract the opposite sex. Embrace your flaws, dress in clothing that makes you feel good about yourself and allow the best version of yourself to shine through.

7. Exercise

Go to the gym regularly to look better, feel better and release endorphins, which will help you to relax and have more positive energy. Who wouldn't want to be around a person like that? The better you feel on the inside, the better you look externally and the more attractive you become to others.

8. Live In The Moment

Genuinely enjoying the moment you are in and not worrying about the past or what's coming next, will make you more relaxed and pleasurable to be around. People are attracted to people that make them feel good when they're around them so be present in every moment.

9. Develop A Personal Style

What you wear, translates to how people view you and relate to you, so it's important to develop a personal style that makes you comfortable. Play around with different styles to discover what you feel best in and what expresses your personality, and invest in pieces that support that style. Dressing nicely and being comfortable will naturally make you appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

Preace reveals that men find women most attractive in the color red.

10. Ladies Wear Lipstick

One of the first things that men notice about a woman is her mouth. So ladies invest in some flattering lipsticks and for an extra edge wear red, as it "subconsciously reflects blood vessels during arousal."