There is nothing quite like it, and the hype that should be surrounding it is soon to come, whether that will be on December 1st 2016 or the next set of dates to follow. Time-out has recently added the Totem Bass/AC&C event to its list of installments to currently attend and see.

What is Totem Bass?

It is an idea, a brand, a union/binding of music, an event, and a soon to be expansion through airwaves and venues. The words of Tryb speak clearly for themselves, ' Totem Bass is a buffet. Do you know them tables that you go over to?

And there's food from all over the world on one table, and you get to pick a little bit of the best of each - Totem Bass try to do that musically with the mix of South American music; Asian music; African music; Caribbean music, and American jersey club remixed to hip-hop - this is because it's lively, it gets you on your feet dancing, and you expect it to be like a sweat pit because the music is so lively."

Totem Bass is forward thinking

Tryb sees the music as "Forward thinking music. It means danceable music/no more standing on the side because it's so lively. It also means showcasing pride in cultures that are not typical western, but also combining it with western music - so combining the electronic side." Tryb wants to elevate the music that is seen as world music, and introduces it into the mainstreams as something understandable and unique, something that you can turn to and say, "ok, this is something I want to listen to because it is so unique!

The Totem Bass movement

The movement of Totem Bass in the words of Tryb has been, " a movement that has been bubbling under the surface for years, and people have finally taken a step to listen to it, and to understand it."

The Totem Bass Movement is moving in all directions to get itself heard: radio, venues, and club - managers are excitingly welcoming this new footstep upon its doorsteps.

Trybus passion is beyond a doubt her own unique selling point, and her collaborations with the likes of Josh Grant, Boko!Boko! and Dj Carmen London spinning their own decks on this particular night will bring an eventful flavor to the dance-floors.

The genres present ranges from Dancehall, trap, hip-hop, footwork, jersey club, vogue house, juke, tropical bass, and bashment - so there is no shortage of a musical jukebox.

The AC&C and other Contributing

The AC&C show is featured on the k2k radio every 4th Monday of the month and has been hotly tipping Trybs event. They have participated in supporting this night, and feel the passion that the ceo offers. The AC&C joined up with Tryb to help make the event happen. Tryb works with two Social media promoters/ one being her partner before the AC&C - as well as others who have helped her out along the way. There are a few behind the scenes but the CEO ultimately is the one who will be seeing this through until the end.

Who is this event for?

The event is looking to engage everybody! Nothing is excluded from anybody, and this is sure to bring people from all backgrounds and walks in music. An event that looks to include all in music is one that needs to be fed to those starving for a new wave/rave.