It has been a while since the Haim sisters have been in the spotlight, but thankfully they have made the announcement in this month's ASOS magazine that the new Pop album is almost here. Saying in the interview that it's very important to get everything right and for all of them to be happy with the end product, hence why there isn't a set date for the release, a when it's done it's done attitude. Although it's been 3 years since there's been any new Music from the band, they certainly haven't had any time to rest.

Polydor producers suggest synthesisers on first album for straightforward pop sound.

A year before "Day's Are Gone" was released they starting to get a lot of attention from the mainstream media after winning BBC Radio 1's 'Sound of the Year' award, Being liked by Radio listeners and Pop lovers.,they went straight on tour all around the world to promote the upcoming record. Touring has been pretty intense for them since and along with writing a new album, we can imagine that's a pretty full schedule. Not to disappoint their fans during their North America tour they have been performing a few new tracks that will feature on the new album, named 'Nothing's Wrong' and 'Give me just a little of your love' and carry a similar sound to their previous work.

The Pop trio only began to attract mainstream attention in 2012

The Haim sisters grew up in a highly musical environment and their parents both being into music encouraged their daughters to listen to 70's rock and pick up instruments at an early age. They formed a family band in their childhood and were naturally drawn to the instruments they play in the band today and many other instruments.

Danielle also toured with notable bands The Strokes and CeeLo Green before deciding she wanted to concentrate more on her own career with her sisters, which had been their passion from the start. They have been a huge part of changing the perception of women in pop music, Instead of having lyrics written for them and using their image as the main attraction, they have been nothing but authentic from the start and that's a big deal.

Look out for the new album coming out in 2017!