We reveal some of your favourite celeb’s surprising criminal records from drug trafficking and manslaughter to attempted murder, check it out…

It might be surprising to imagine some of your favourite Celebrities behind bars but lo and behold that’s exactly what some of these celebs endured before making it big in Hollywood.

We discovered that there’s more celebrities who have been arrested than you could possibly imagine and truth be told when a celeb lands up in handcuffs it becomes a top story. Perhaps more so than celebs smoking pot or cheat-worthy stars revealed…

Shocking criminal records and arrests revealed

Mark Wahlberg – attempted murder

What would you say if we were to tell you that at the age of thirteen, Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg was addicted to cocaine?

He was even sentenced to 2 years in Suffolk County Deer Island House of Correction in his teen years. Mark went on to plead guilty to assault and he served 45 days of his sentence earning him a permanent felony record. Fast forward to today and Mark Wahlberg is a celebrated actor and a model citizen. He worked hard to redeem himself and one of his victims has even gone so far as to support his application for a full pardon from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Tim Allen - drug trafficking

Our next celebrity to earn himself a criminal record is none other than Tim “The Toolman” Taylor from ABC’s “Home Improvement” series. The actor, comedian and author first rocked the headlines when it was revealed he had a drug trafficking history.

It stemmed from a 1978 arrest at Battlecreek International Airport as it was alleged that he was arrested with over a pound of cocaine in his possession. Tim went on to reveal a few sources which led to the arrests of a few notorious drug dealers earning him a few years in prison rather than the expected life sentence.

Jay-Z – self-confessed drug dealer

In his early career, Jay-Z rapped all about his days as a drug dealer in New York City and fast forward a few years and he was involved in a notorious stabbing incident. It was rumoured that the recording artist suspected his record label of bootlegging his album and held Lance Rivera personally responsible.

The altercation ended in a nightclub stabbing in 1999 when Jay-Z buried a five inch blade into the record label executive in anger. All’s well that ends well as Lance recovered and Jay-Z went on to become a successful rapper, producer and father to Blue Ivy and husband to Beyoncé.

Caitlyn Jenner – manslaughter

During her transition from acclaimed athlete Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner, the reality TV star was involved in a four-car accident with deadly results. It was alleged that Caitlyn accidently rear-ended 69-year-old Kimberly Howe causing her to crash into on-coming traffic where she was then hit by an SUV and died. The SUV was carrying a family of five and one of the passengers was later left disabled as a result. Things certainly did not look good as she was looking at walking away with being charged with vehicular manslaughter but was eventually charged with it being a misdemeanour.