In a move that should have shocked many, Tory MP and former Chancellor George Osborne has been named the new Editor of the London Evening Standard.

Osborne is stepping into the role left vacated by Sarah Sands, who has moved on to work for the BBC’s Today programme, and addressed the news today by stating it as was a “huge honour”, before adding that he was “proud to be a Conservative MP” but that as the paper’s editor, “our only interest will be to give a voice to all Londoners”.

He continued by adding: "We will be fearless as a paper fighting for their interests.

We will judge what the government, London’s politicians and the political parties do against this simple test: is it good for our readers and good for London? If it is, we’ll support them. If it isn’t, we’ll be quick to say so.”

Despite the lack of any real Journalistic background, Osborne will be working on the paper four days a week, meaning he can continue his role as MP for Tatton, in Cheshire.

Corbyn's not happy

The move hasn’t gone down well with everyone, however. It didn’t take long for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to run to Twitter to express his anger, calling for the MP position to be re-elected.

The new role has also reportedly come as a shock to Downing Street. The Guardian report that when questioned on the move, a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May announced: “I’m unaware of it,”.

Before including: “You’ll be able to tell that this is the first I’m hearing of this.”

Juggling two roles

It is unknown how much Mr Osborne will be making the papers new Editor, but it is too pale into comparison to his other money making roles. It is believed he has made as much as six-figure salaries from speeches around the world, whilst also collecting a reported £120,000 a year from a US Republican Thinktank.

Despite being sacked as Chancellor by May in 2016, after the Brexit vote, Mr Osborne is still the MP of Tutton. The newspapers schedule, which will see him in office from around 5 am to midday, will allow him to continue his other duties. It remains to be seen if he can manage to juggle both the MP position, whilst trying to keep the paper profitable.