It is quite tough for the fans to believe that celebrities have their personal life too. We always want to know everything about them, such as whom they’re dating, what are their favorite colors, the names of their upcoming projects, and so on. Like any ordinary person,celebrities pay the bills and enjoy their leisure moments. So, we should stop thinking that they are public properties. Here I’ve talked about a couple of celebritieswhoare a fan of sports.

Patrick Dempsey – Race Car Driving

The 50-year Patrick Dempsey has acquired quiteintimidating portfolio.

He has been a wonderful actor, director, and producer. A few of us knew that this star is crazy for race car driving. Earlier this year, Dempsey made an announcement that he is going to take a break from racing so that he could focus on some personal things. During his race car driving years, he participated in more than sixty high-profile racing competitions.

Angelina Jolie – Flying

All of us love Angelina Jolie. This successful and one of most influential Hollywood actresses is known to be in love with flying the aircraft. Yes, she is stunning and talented, but Angelina has been up for various other things too. For example, she announced that she is interesting in sports and is likely to fly her own aircraft.

Her son, Maddox, helped her develop this interest back in 2007.

Orlando Bloom – Mountain Biking

Orlando Bloom, a famous British actor, is far from living like an ordinary person. His habits and interests, however, are just like the ordinary people. This guy is reportedly crazy for mountain biking. According to Orlando, this sport helps him to stay fit and active.

It is expected that he would play a motorcyclist in the upcoming movie Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Let me here tell you that Bloom has seen many ups and downs during his professional life. He mentioned in an interview that his roles have always taught him a set of skills, ranging from horseback riding to archery.

Bradley Cooper – Motorcycle Driver

Everyone knows Bradley Cooper as a Hollywood superstar. For the world, he is not a stranger, but one thing you did not know about Cooper is that he loves motorcycle driving. Just like an ordinary man, this actor rides his motorcycle around New York. He is frequently spotted cruising around the city and tries to stay happy with such extracurricular activities.