How far would you go to get revenge on a friend who wronged you or a cheating ex? Well a new app has just come on the market that may help you take your revenge plots to the next level, as this app will text your enemy ‘Game of Thronesspoilers.

Completely anonymous

Simply titled ‘Spoiled,'the app’s description says it will “anonymously and ruthlessly text spoilers to your unsuspecting friends after each new episode airs” All you have to do is pay a one-off fee of $0.99 and then type in your victim's phone number. After that they wont be able to enjoy the show spoiler-free for the rest of the season.

Revenge is international

Although the app is based in America it can be used internationally. This could make it even worse for fans outside the US (like in the UK for example), as new episodes usually air hours after they've already premiered on HBO.You can also see if its working as the app’s twitter account will retweet @s from its victims. It seems to be working a treat already as they’ve already been sharing the kind of confused texts they've been receiving from recipients of the spoilers.

A story of revenge

The idea for the app came from a story which first appeared on Reddit last month and quickly went viral. A man had posted on the site looking for advice after his former girlfriend wouldn’t stop sending him ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers, as a punishment for his cheating.He told Reddit users that he’d tried to ask her to stop but she would immediately block him after sending the message.

When he blocked her on WhatsApp, she then moved on to Facebook, then used text messaging.

The girl even went as far as to borrow one of their mutual friends phones to do it, as most of the former couple’s mates had sided with her because of his cheating. The man then moaned: “I can't watch it before she ruins it [because]I have to wait til my girlfriend (my ex) is home from work to watch it with her.”

Unique revenge

Reddit users didn't give the man much sympathy and some of them also began sending him spoilers. The ex however was applauded for her unique style of revenge and now thanks to Spoiled we all have a secret weapon to unleash on a former lover.