The music industry witnesses thousands of releases by the individual or a group of music artists every year. The industry's worth is recorded to be $15 billion last year. It is the first significant jump to the highest level in last two decades. Yes, it is "wow" figure. I know 2016 is not yet over, and anticipations are still high for certain upcoming albums. Still, you are aware that half of the year has passed by now so I would like to talk about the music albums that have changed the fate of entertainment industry in recent years. These are worth for music lovers.

25 (Adele)

The 27-year-old British singer, Adele, has reversed the history of music industry having her album sold one million copies in 2016. The album was originally released in November 2015. It has so far set new groundbreaking records. The spell of 25 continues this year, and it seems unstoppable. The album had sold more than 18 million copies in the first quarter of 2016 and is expected to touch new milestones given the fact its purchase has slowed down gradually. The Someone Like You singer is promoting her album with full energy and she is getting very good response.

Views (Drake)

The album is regarded as one of best of the running year. With twenty numbers, Drake's Views was liked by masses and stayed atop for three consecutive weeks in Billboard 200 chart.

Since its release the album has been sold in huge numbers and has often been seen cleared out from shelves quickly. The album touched new heights with 186.1 million streams in a week after being widely available on streaming services.

Lemonade (Beyonce)

Lemonade is not a name of the drink Beyonce is chosen to pose for. It is, in fact, the new music album of the lady that was released in late April this year.

The album has recorded the biggest week of running year so far in sales as well as units wise. Lemonade gained popularity quickly as it was released with namesake movie that was premiered on HBO. The soundtracks in the movie were adopted from Beyonce album.

Blackstar (David Bowie)

The great David Bowie released his final album days before he died ofcancer.

His death resulted in the sharp surge in his album's sales, and it dominated the charts in the first quarter of 2016. After the death of Ziggy Stardust singer, his album was sold for even £900 in some parts of the United Kingdom. Blackstar is the only album that had its six numbers in top 40 charts in this year. In the quarterly figures, the album's combined sales were recorded 345,000.

Purpose (Justin Bieber)

The 22-year-old Canadian singer,Justin, has made a strong comeback with his fourth album titled Purpose. The album was actually released in the same month as Adele's 25 was presented. It got the top position on the charts recently and has won many hearts. The hit single from Bieber, Love Yourself, remained in top 10 for weeks and is the highlight of the album. Other numbers from the album like Company and Sorry provide if not equal but good soothing music and lyrical experience.