Raman Ishita fans have something to rejoice since the moment they were waiting for the longest has finally arrived. Yeh Hai Mohobbatein is ready for a positive twist with Raman and Ishita getting married in their reel life yet again post their separation ages ago on screen. It is interesting to note that Divyanka Tripathi who essays the character of Ishita is herself set to get married on 8th July 2016. But online reports claim that Ishita played by Divyanka Tripathi will soon be shown in a hospital room post a failed suicide attempt just before her wedding onscreen.

Ruhi's heart finally melts , Divyanka Tripathi set to marry

Ruhi their daughter who was piping hot angry with her parents Raman and Ishita for handing her over to the vamp Nidhi has now come on terms with Raman and Ishita being together. In the upcoming episodes the loyal fans of the show will get to see a different avatar of Ruhi who tries to bring Raman and Ishita together and not strive towards separating the long lost love birds.

Shagun too will be seen rooting for Raman Ishita's marriage

While Ruhi will change her mind and try to reunite them, the fact that Raman was set to marry Shagun will create a tension. Shagun on the other hand too is on a change of mind as she too will go ahead and bless Raman and Ishita to get married.

The makers of the show seem to be in a positivity trip as both the tension creating characters Ruhi and Shagun will suddenly change their persona and become all goody goody for making Raman and Ishita’s reunion a reality.

Divyanka Tripathi's real life weddingwill resultinto a new twist on the show

On the other hand Ishita will be wrongly kidnapped by Ashok’s goons who are sent to kidnap Ruhi.

The suicide plot is juts the maker’s way to portray Divyanka’s absence in the show due to her real life wedding. This twist will change a lot of things and at the same time give Divyanka a time out for her real life wedding.

Yeh Hai Mohobbatein airs on Star Pluson 7.30 pm ISD from Monday to Friday and stars Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi in the lead roles of Raman and Ishita respectively.