Famous rock stars all have to start somewhere and often have to persevere through less promising times in their lives. The Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger and Kiss singer, Gene Simmons have both had their fair share of tougher periods during their formative years, judging by recent snippets that have been shared concerning their Youth.

Unpromising early signs for Jagger’s employment aspirations

Jagger may have been a major contributor to the Stones’ juggernaut over a lengthy and hugely successful musical journey, yet the enigmatic star was not well received at first when he entered the Dartford Staff Employment Bureau at the age of just 18.

Rock star had a “scruffy appearance”

Fresh from completing his A-levels at the time, the singer asked staff at the Kent-based recruitment firm if there were any jobs available. However, boss Betty Parkinson informed the major celebrity at the time that his “scruffy appearance” would not make gaining gainful employment an easy task.

Betty’s son, Jack, just a year younger than Jagger is at 71-years-old, has recently recounted their encounter all those years ago. Jack added that despite telling Jagger that she would contact him, his mother never did. Rock fans can thank her for that aberration however, as The Rolling Stones came into being just a year later. Their story thereafter is a part of musical folklore.

Kiss star mocked as a child

Simmons’ early experiences were similarly unpromising, especially when he was a child and was mocked due to his apparent geeky interest in comic books. Now aged 66, the famous Kiss star recounted his past troubles through his admiration for the genre, whilst attending a recent DC Comics exhibition in Los Angeles.

Last laugh for Simmons

He reminisced on how other people considered that it was funny for him to have a love of superheroes, as they clearly thought that it was “kid stuff”. However, he now considers that the spate of blockbuster movies featuring the comic book characters that have dominated the film industry in recent years provide some comfort against those early doubters.