From the video industryto the big screen

Angry Birds is a comedy and action animated computer movie cartoon in 3-D produced by Rovio entertainment and Sony pictures and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The Film is based on the computer game series angry birds. After having had a great success with the video game version, now the producers have decided to take angry birds to the big screen.

Peacefully living on the island

Normally, the feathered friends populating the island are not angry at all, in fact, they´re as happy and peaceful in their piece of land that nothing can disturb their tranquil living.

All of them live unperturbed, except Red Chuck and Bomb, who do not function normally in the bird’s society, as one has a dysfunction that goes with its color, so he can get red mad when provoked; another bird is an outlaw and Bomb, a bird that explodes when a change of mood occurs within him.

Why do the birds get so angry?

The set of events in the peaceful village of birds begins to take a turn when a ship sailed by pigs anchor on the island. From the ship, two friendly pigs descend and make friends with the birds. That day at night, the pigs and birds enjoy a party. Soon, more pigs are discovered, which make Red suspicious of the pigs. The mistrusts become reality, when the pigs steal some eggs from the birds.

Red, who has been the most convinced of the distrust of the pigs, congregates the birds and convinces them to go after and recover the stolen eggs. With this intention, the birds build a boat and sail to the Pig´s Island.

Lots of action and comedy

Now that the birds have been given a reason to be angry, the whole film begins to take the spectator by the hand into a series of situations filled with action and humor that do not stop until the end.

The colorful scenes and comedy add to the amusement of the film´s fans.

The film´s release statistics

Angry Birds is planned to be released on 20 May in the US and Canada and is expected to gross from $40-$45 million during the first weekend. Internationally, the bird´s film was released earlier in over 70 countries, with a net gross of $43 million at the Cannes Film Festival, $5.7 million in Russia, $2.9 million in Germany and Mexico, and $2.7 million in Brazil.

What the critics say

In Rotten Tomatoes the critics give the film a rating of 60% based on over 50 reviews. In Metacritic, the movie reached a score of 45 out of 100 based on 7 critics, which indicates an average rating.