Shahrukh Khan’s FAN is making all the buzz these days for all the right reasons indeed. The second trailer of his most awaited movie of 2016 is out and it is promising to say the least.

The trailer was launched on 29th march 2016 with the flood gates to Yashraj Studios being opened exclusively for Shahrukh Khan fans. Shahrukh Khan himself was present at the special trailer launch. The Bollywood superstar plays a double role in the movie after a very long time. He plays a popular movie star Aryan Khan as well as the role of his biggest fan Gaurav who is just over 20 years old.

The trailer clearly sets down a tone that a special unexplainable connection is all what differentiates a fan from the rest. The dialogues in the trailer also point to a fact that it’s the fan that makes a star and not vice versa.

The second edition of the trailer also gets us a sneak peek of Gaurav’s obsession for the star and his raging anger when the superstar Aryan Khanna refuses to acknowledge the love of his craziest fan ever. His passion for the star reaches its heights and crosses boundaries of sanity and dangers when Aryan Khanna the biggest superstar doesn’t react to his madness as he had desired. The best scene of the trailer is when Gaurav sees Shahrukh Khan in person for the time and he almost freezes only to scream his guts out later.

Anyone who has seen the trailer will vouch for the fact that the storyline of the movie is fresh and exciting. Though Gaurav the fan is shown as an obsessive character in the trailer, one cannot term him as a psychopath. But the comparison of Gaurav’s character with Shahrukh’s act in his classic old Bollywood movie Darr is obvious and cannot be ignored.

This trailer will feel like the villainous yet lovable Shahrukh Khan from Darr is back. Looks like Shahrukh Khan has really gone a step ahead of the curve and outdone himself with FAN.

Being shot in Delhi, Mumbai and Croatia and directed by Maneesh Sharma, Fan is slated to release on 15th April 2016. Apart from FAN, Shahrukh will also be seen in Raees in 2016.