The world's newest Super Rock Hero is back in the UK and thrilling packed audiences across the UK with his original Music and rocking personality.

An independent artist born in Toronto Canada, brought up in Vancouver and now living in Bermuda, Will Black is the next big Rock Star about to break through into the BIG TIME!

Having started off on his mother's six-string acoustic, before getting his own cherry red electric guitar from the Sear's supermarket; Will Black has gigged his way across the world both by land and sea.

Signed up to play on Cruise ships, Will now has his feet planted firmly on land having recently become a Dad for the first time.

He said, “As an independent artist I do all my own promotion, so it’s all me. My day job is performing at Hog Penny. During the day I’m spending 6 hours a day building a band base. It’s a full time job in itself.”

With his biggest influences being Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, Will Black has two independently produced albums under his belt, with a third on its way.

  • WILL BLACK: Dancing with the Dead - © 2008

  • WILL BLACK: Dangerously Close - © 2013

Having kicked of his second UK in Brighton, Will has already gone onto play at London and Birmingham.

Playing Cardiff on the 4th March 2016 at the 10 Feet Tall venue, Will Black will continue his tour at:

  • Glasgow at The Record Factory on March 7th.

  • Edinburgh at Bannerman's Bar on March 8th.

  • Manchester at Retro Bar on March 10th.

Before bringing his UK tour to a finale at The George Tavern in Whitechapel, London on the 12th March 2016.

With original songs beating anything you'll hear in the current charts, Will Black has won a legion of loyal and dedicated fans across the world.

Here are just some of the comments fan's left on his Facebook page:

  • Gil Salliss - Fab night!

  • Chrissy Ackles Cox - Thank you Will Black had a fantastic night you was amazing come back to Birmingham very soon?xx

  • Trish Sutton - Brilliant nite. Clare your so right he's lovely n talented 2 xxx

  • Linda Cooper - Had a amazing night in Pudney withWill Blacka great artist, full of engery, and such a nice guy. my friend and I really enjoy it, and hopefully will go again next year.

  • Lana Philippson - I had a great evening! I had the chance to seeWill Blackperform live!! Amazing from the start, great set list and most of all he truly values his fans. Can't wait for the next gig Will! Rock on!!

  • Shawn Margaret Cohen - Great Show!

Prolific in his dedication of his dream of becoming the world's NEW ROCK ‘N ROLL SUPERHERO, Will Black streams his music live whenever he gets the chance.

You can tune into Will performing from the Hog Penny via his weekly on line music show.

With a down-to-earth attitude and a love for his fans, Will Black is set to become a house-hold name. Describing his music he said, “Its like Bon Jovi verses Aerosmith with a shot of Bruce Springsteen.”


“My influences are very diverse.

I grew up listening to everything from the bands I just mentioned to Guns & Roses, Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughan; quite a broad spectrum.”

Looking the part and delivering original number one hits, Will Black is the name on everyone's lips.