Those evergreen rock stars Status Quo seem to have had enough of the hectic life on the road. They have announced that they intend for “The Last Night Of The Electrics Tour” in 2016 to mark the end of their all-electric concerts. After providing rich entertainment for their diehard fans across six decades it is sure to be a decision that was not taken lightly by the likes of Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt.

Not the end of Status Quo

Their decision has been on the cards for some time now according to 66-year-old Londoner Rossi, as the band members finally “decided that it’s time for us to hang up the electrics” (electric guitars).

Rossi clarified that “it doesn’t mean we won’t do other things” and promised that there was “more to come from us in the years ahead.” Fellow band member Parfitt explained that the physical demands of electric make it “hard to maintain that level of energy and without that it’s not really a Quo Show.”

Longevity and consistency

With their origins in the early 60s as The Scorpions and then The Spectres, the band were to ultimately take on the far more well-known label of ‘Status Quo’ by the end of that decade. As such they have become a staple part of the British Music scene ever since with a longevity and consistency that most bands can only dream of. Their live set at the 1985 Live Aid concert will long be remembered by those privileged to witness it, as it set the tone for a hugely historic day in the annals of the music industry.

Chart success

With a distinctively familiar sound that some have referred to fondly as “boogie rock”, their chart success has been marked by more than sixty singles hits during that period. Indeed, such has been their enduring popularity that Quo have spent longer than The Beatles (with over 200 weeks) in the UK Singles Charts.

From their first major success back in 1968 “Pictures of Matchstick Men” (number seven in the UK) through to 2010 and a charity re-working of “In The Army Now”, they have remained in the public eye throughout. Instantly recognisable tracks such as “Caroline”, “Down Down” and “Rockin’ All Over The World” have set feet-a-tapping across the globe since the long-haired days of the 70s.

Line-up alterations

The line-up has been modified down the years but currently features Rossi, Parfitt, Andy Bown, John “Rhino” Edwards and Leon Cave (since 2013) on drums. There were rumours of original band member and bass guitar player Alan Lancaster re-joining the group in recent years on a permanent basis. But after appearing with the current band in 2013 for a series of “Frantic Four” UK concerts he once again bowed out from the limelight. Lancaster and Rossi formed the original group back in 1962.

Tour dates across Europe

The veteran rockers are due to tour the rest of Europe in October 2016 and then return to the UK to perform a series of December dates. Fans will therefore no doubt be expecting their UK tour dates to be memorable and will look to send them off with a rousing finale.