Its every superhero fan’s dream come true, it’s the most exciting movie of 2016; its Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And the excitement levels rose to new heights with a clip of bat mobile being launched. The new teaser clip is just 10 seconds long but is turning out to be the best 10 seconds of sneak peak a Batman fan could ask for before the mammoth movie releases on 25th March 2016. The latest teaser is focused on Batman’s favorite vehicle of transportation i.e. the Batmobile.

The clip shows the Gotham’s very own powerful vigilante Batman (Bruce Wayne) played by Ben Affleck zooming out of the Batcave in the new furious Batmobile.

The movie promises to be an epic showdown between the two most loved superheroes of all times i.e. Batman and Superman. The showdown will be an exciting watch as the superhero war will give birth to new dangerous for humanity. While Nolan’s Batman trilogy is still very fresh in every Batman’s fan’s mind, Zack Snyder is reinventing Batman’s character in a completely new way for the DC universe. The newly designed Batmobile is one of the most important unique selling propositions for the movie. The design is said to be based on the look of 1989 Batman Batmobile. The tractor tires have been shaved down and the fiery vehicle is made up of carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Batman V Superman will see Ben Affleck play the caped crusader Batman for the very first time.

And though initially everyone criticized the actor Christian Bale’s substitution, the movie is now making everyone excited by the sheer new gadgets and the new Batman look which is very different from all earlier movies. Directed by Zack Snyder and written by Chris Terrio, apart from Ben Affleck the movie also stars Henry Cavill, Diana Prince, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot and Jesse Eisenberg amongst others.

The movie will also have Jason Momoa make a special appearance as the Aquaman and is said to introduce the rest of the Justice League before the Justice League parts hit the screens. We will have to wait to see how this epic clash of the superheroes fares at the box office.