Shahrukh Khan lovingly called the King of Bollywood has once again proved that he in fact is the King of hearts. Everyone who loves this star or has ever heard about him has known about the infamous Wankhede controversy which lead to him being banned from entering MCA premises.

The Mumbai Cricket Association i.e the MCA has banned Shahrukh Khan from entering the MCA premises including Wankhede stadium post a heated argument and supposedly immoral behaviour.

The decision to ban was taken when the committee was headed by the late Vilasrao Deshmukh in May 2012.The five year ban was supposed to expire in the year 2017 but since Shahrukh respected the ban and continued to obey it for three years now, MCA has now decided to lift the ban.

With regards to the accusations laid down by the ban, Shahrukh had always maintained that neither was he drunk as claimed nor did he misbehave or use any foul language. He also revealed through his interviews that in fact his daughter and her friends were with him and a member of security misbehaved with them and physically manhandled them and abused him. Now since the ban is lifted, Shahrukh who owns the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders will now be able to enter the stadium premises like anyone else. Sources say that Shahrukh had requested Pawar to revoke the ban.

The decision to lift the ban was taken by the managing committee of the association in a meeting where Ashish Shelar was the proposer.

While the association has ended the ban on Shahrukh, in the meeting they also decided not to challenge BCCI’s lifetime ban on Ankeet Chavan despite a Delhi court dropping all criminal charges against him. Ankeet Chavan has been cleared of all MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act) charges but has not yet challenged BCCI’s ruling himself.

The committee was of the opinion that it did not feel good about the ban on Shahrukh Khan and he had already obeyed the same peacefully for three long years and that action was taken when required to which everyone gave their consent.