He may have had a licence to kill for over 50 years on the silver screen but now it seems that James Bond is also to be given licence to sing and dance. Or at least Britain's top fictional secret agent is set to feature in a new musical, following the news that Merry Saltzman has obtained the rights for a stage show.

James Bond: The Musical

With the project being referred to as James Bond: The Musical the precise details have yet to be finalised, with Ms Saltzman suggesting that she anticipates the opening will be in either late 2017 or early 2018.

The intention is that when it opens it will be on Broadway or alternatively in Las Vegas, both fitting venues for such a well-known franchise.

The storyline for the musical will be provided by novelist Dave Clarke's new book. To accompany the drama on stage, the songs seem likely to be written by singer/songwriter Jay Henry Weisz.

Bond villains and new Bond girl

Clearly keen to build up the sense of anticipation for the millions of Bond fans worldwide, Ms Saltzman has promised that several of his adversaries from the past will be incorporated into the show plus some new ones. Intriguingly, there are also plans for "our own Bond girl" to feature, another key ingredient in the success of the movies.

Famous father

Ms Saltzman is the daughter of the legendary Film producer, the late Harry Saltzman, who became synonymous for his involvement on nine of the films that featured Bond in the leading role. It was he who brought us the high octane and action-packed Dr No and Goldfinger movies, which helped to attract a legion of James Bond followers down through the generations since the 1960s.

It seems that an interest in 'Bond' runs in the family.

Theme songs very popular

The films themselves have commonly featured theme songs that have had massive commercial success in their own right, especially in Britain. Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Duran Duran and Wings are among those who have added their distinctive vocal tones to support the drama unfolding on screen.

Adele's haunting track Skyfall received critical acclaim by taking the 2013 Academy Award for the Best Song.

Latest Bond film

For now, Bond fans will be eagerly anticipating the 24th film in the lucrative franchise entitled Spectre that is set for general release later this year, with Daniel Craig continuing his portrayal of the seemingly unstoppable Bond. As ever the supporting cast is strong, with Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci and Ralph Fiennes adding their talents to the latest movie.