Wembley SSEArena, 26th of May 2015: 12,500 expectant fans wait. The clock ticks to 21:15 and the stage turns red while smoke pours from the stage trap door. Howling starts as the band play the first few notes of Animals. Adam Levine takes centre stage and begins what becomes 25 minutes of solid vocals and showmanship that is pushed ferociously along by a band playing every note to its fullest loudest point. Maroon 5 have arrived on the first date of the UK leg of their V Tour.

Three time Grammy Award winning and three time American Music Award recipients proved that they are worthy of all the awards that have come their way since their beginning in 1994.

The relentless pace of the show kept the crowd breathless as they fit 17 of their hits in to a tightly packed set. From Animals to the encore that included a new song, This Summer, and then, Moves like Jagger and finally Sugar.

Adam Levine is without doubt one of the best front men on the modern band set up. His showmanship in front of any other band would turn Maroon 5 in to the Levine show; but Maroon 5 can play their instruments and they played them to the edge. Lead guitarist James Valentine joined Levine on the runway on occasion and the crowd showed their appreciation. That said, Adam Levin strutted up and down the runway like a supermodel working the crowd around him and teasing the crowd further up the runway.

The band didn't use any dancers or screen projectors, the visual senses were fulfilled with lots of lighting changes giving the feel of watching a band that play and think like a band; no gimmicks just retro lighting with a funky feel, befitting of their signature sound.

The band has sold more than 23 million albums and 109 million singles.

Their albums are maturing and diversifying with them; this world tour – which started on the 16th February in Dallas, USA, and ends on the 4th of October in Auckland, New Zealand – is a must see for any fan of Maroon 5 or a fan of Live music.

Merchandise was the usual overpriced t-shirts at £25 and hoodies at £50. The program was the standard price of £10 but not worth money as it gives little information about the tour and is limited on pictures so doesn't provide much of a reminder of the gig.

Wembley as a modern arena held up well with good wheelchair access and plenty of staff to help with directions and additional requests. Pre-booking car parking was available and the different car parks were well sign posted.

The band plays Wembley again on Thursday 28th May and if you've got a ticket you are in for great night of live music.