The BBC will soon start its investigation into the latest controversy involving Jeremy Clarkson; the presenter was suspended late on Tuesday evening for allegedly hitting one of the producers on the Show. However, just hours after the suspension and the news that the programme's remaining two episodes would not be broadcast, the internet has wasted no time in gathering supporters for the presenter. 

Within hours of the news breaking, the right-wing blog Guido Fawkes launched a petition site called ‘Bring Back Clarkson’, less than 24 hours on and it has gathered close to 300,000 signatures, with many threatening to stop paying the license fee should the presenter not be re-instated.

Of course, the petition is not alone in its battle to keep Jeremy Clarkson on Television and at the helm of the country’s most loved motoring programme.

Twitter users were quick to start the hashtag #bringbackclarkson, and unsurprisingly, it has raced to the top of the trends in the Twitter world with people from all corners of the globe showing their support for the 54-year-old presenter. The slogan is quickly becoming the most talked about issue in the UK, and in a way, the outpour of support for Clarkson is taking attention away from the story itself.