Continuing with our list of the top 5 iPhone and iPad games we will present to you the last three out of the five winners we picked. We have already covered No. 1, which we gave to Vainglory and Nº2, which we gave to Monument Valley. You can learn more about this games on our previous post. The next winners are:

Nº 3 Threes!

This game feels a bit like Tetris´s come-back. As you might have guessed already, the fact that we can even compare this game to another one so easily prevented Threes! to go any further on our list as we penalize unoriginality.

However, let´s not be too hard on this great puzzler game yet. After all, Tetris was king of his genre for decades and this puzzler could easily make it to the top given enough time.

So here is what is important of the game and why it made it to the top 5 iPhone and iPAd games of 2014. First of all, it offers countless hours of fun. The game is very simple: 4 rows and 4 columns are shown on screen, making a total of 16 slots. Some cards with numbers on them are placed in the slots. You have to slide cards, rows or columns in order to "combine" them. If a card had for example a 2 on them and you combine it with a card with the number 4 on it, then the cards collapse into one and the numbers add up, resulting in one card with the number 6 on it for this example.

Each time you do this, another card in the opposite side will appear with a random number of them. This new cards will rapidly reduce the amount of free slots the player has until there are no more moves available, finishing the game when there are no more moves.

Nº 4 80 Days

Not much to say about this wonderful game without risking some spoilers.

80 Days made it to the top 5 of iPhone and iPad games because of originality and fun, but stays in No. 4 because player has to read a lot, which reduces playability and continuity. The game´s plot is about Phileas Fogg circling around the Globe in 80 days, simple but quite fun, entertaining and illustrating.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This game is almost entirely about strategy.

It is only available for iPads. Basically, player has to build-up a strong deck of cards that will be used to fight the opponent´s deck of cards. However, strong cards are only half of what the player needs to win, the other have is a solid strategy and placing cards wisely. The game gives a warm welcome to newcomers and even prepared quite a comprehensive tutorial for them.