On the next episode of the legendary Kojima Production´s saga, Metal Gear, we get to play once again as our favorite hero Solid Snake as Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is now available. For the moment we can only comment about the trailer but as soon as we try it we shall give a more extensive review.

For what we were able to see and read, this is the most ambitious project of the Company so far. Several key features were included to make this a unique experience. Some of this features we Metal Gear fans have been expecting for far too long and finally our prayers have been answered, apparently not to be disappointed as has happened before (for example when they included first person view mode in Resident Evil and came up with just another common first person shooter game).

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is here and we really have our hopes up. Let´s cover the new key features and what got us excited. First of all what we have been asking for the longest was to make an MG game an open world and they have finally heard us. Not only will we be able to play as Solid Snake, they wanted to give us the chance to really feel like we are in control, we are the ones making the choices, we can truly decide Snake´s destiny.

Much versatility is coming our ways, or at least that´s what Kojima says. On this game players will be able to decide how they approach the main mission which can mean two things: the way you approach it will have different consequences on the story-line and secondly, this means they included several side missions which you can take whenever and if you feel like it.

This will probably result in a much longer game and much more freedom so that we do not get bored too quickly.

Last but not least, their new engine called Fox Engine promises highly improved graphics and much more play-ability and realistic moves for Kojima´s hero. So, they offer: a completely open world, freedom of choice and consequences to those choices and improved graphics, among other features are more than enough reasons to say with all our hopes up that Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes is here.