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Awakening is a beautiful but lonely experience, it can cause anxiety and sometimes even depression. It's an important, but huge change and takes a while adjusting to. Try not to fight it when it happens. The easiest way to cope is to flow with the changes and try to understand them. Enjoy getting to know your true and higher self, and not what society has molded you into. Be amazed as you feel the power of love advancing through your soul and you'll be surprised at where your heart may take you. Have faith in the universe and now it is your time to awaken to the truth.

The world is changing one person at a time, it is essential for the well being of the human race. We need to find love and peace within ourselves and then spread our findings. Our souls have been taught human behaviours which are not in our nature. after all 'We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.' (Teilhard de Chardin , P. 1976. The Phenomenon of Man. Harper Perennial)

Right now this world is at a very low vibration and we need to raise it together. So many people around the world believe in god and try so very hard to obey their religious beliefs, not to kill and to love all of gods creations. If people believe that the first of his creations was our planet, it is not vile and disgraceful to see how very little of us show concern for it?

I have no shame in saying I think 'god' will be very disappointed.

People who have not yet awoken may frown upon this but that's okay. Wayne Dyer once said 'Ignorance is when someone rejects something they know nothing about' the ignorance to these spiritual awakenings is very real. I know this because this ignorance was once apart of me.

2012 was the year I began to awake, but before then, a chicken sandwich or a hot dog would be very appealing to me. Then one day without any warning, I experienced a powerful sense of right and wrong. I felt a love for animals instead of hunger! It was strange. I felt so much love in my heart and couldn't control myself but to question everything I had been taught.

I then began researching more and more about spirituality on the quest for knowledge. I couldn't wait to share this new truth about the world, that we need to evolve! We are so powerful it is beyond belief. Your mind can do things that you will most likely believe to be science fiction. What if this taught way of living is wrong? We have been taught to be materialistic, but why? We should be taught how to be better humans. Luc Besson wrote in his script from his most recent Hollywood blockbuster 'Lucy.'

'The world is more concerned with having, than with being.' He is right.

Now try and stay around people who are awake, so you won't fall back asleep.

(Teilhard de Chardin , P. 1976. The Phenomenon of Man. Harper Perennial)

(Lucy. 2014. Film. Luc Besson. dir. USA. TF1 films production)