The New age movement first planted it's seed in the 1970's, spreading love, peace and tranquility. Now in 2014 we are really seeing it bloom! With a spiritual awakening taking the world by storm more and more people are waking up!

Have you ever felt like there is something seriously wrong with our world and the way we live in it? I have. Yes humans may dominate this world, but to me, this place couldn't be more inhumane. People are still starving, we kill for greed and money is our ruler. The food we eat is hardly food anymore. You're likely to recognise 5 of the 34 ingredients labelled on store food products. Some people around the world are really starting to acknowledge these issues and are finally waking up! Well it's been a long time coming.


Unpredictable, an awakening can happen at any moment, the process can be quick, or it can blossom over years of effort.

When you first begin to awake, a new sense of reality takes over you. It's as if your spirit has literally been awakened to what is the true reality of the world prior to your very recent illusion of it. You look at the world from a new perspective, and it's magnificent! You invite love, peace and compassion into your heart. There is something beautifully manifesting within your almost 'reborn' spirit that makes you feel alive. You're free. You have woken to a new sense of awareness and higher level of consciousness. You have a desire to learn, to gain more knowledge of this new remarkable truth, and share all what you have discovered with the rest of the world. You feel the need to help people, help them also in awakening so they too can begin on their new journey of self discovery, but always remembering, you can only show them the door.

You feel different now. You can feel yourself changing. Things that used to appeal to you no longer hold any purpose. Going to clubs, partying, doesn't seem to be fun anymore. You may find yourself drifting away from friends and family. At times you will feel isolated like you don't fit in; especially if you happen to be the only person you know experiencing this. You have a longing desire to find your 'true self' and your true life purpose, for you now understand you have a great purpose to fulfil.

Finding yourself will become very desirable. You may experience a sudden burst of creativity such as painting and writing. A drastic change in career can often occur, possibly shaping your hobby into your profession. You will most likely develop a strong interest in spirituality, and in getting to know your guides and angels. Your eating habits could change, loss or increase in appetite. You may very well become a vegetarian or vegan. After awakening It's very possible you may now look at animals with the same compassion as you would look at that of a human; You feel this great oneness towards all living things. You can feel their pain, their joy. You are more sensitive, not just in your emotions but too people's energies. Negative energies drain you and are impossible to be around whilst positive energies enlighten you. The work desk you have been sitting at for the past five years suddenly becomes unbearable to approach. Things you would sometimes tolerate and say yes to, you undoubtedly say no! Your intuition has developed immensely, you feel a knowing beyond your most recent knowings. You now feel you can actually trust in that feeling deep down in your stomach, proceeding much more confidently in your decision making. You have faith in yourself and the universe, fear slowly begins to fade from your soul. You can do anything!

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