Lets be very frank , horror movies seldom work at Bollywood Box office and Creature 3D proves and explains why. Vikram Bhatt's definition of an ultimate scary monster called as Bramarakshas in the movie is a cross between the species of lizards and dinosaurs. The creation of the not so creepy creature in the script is as whimsical as the rest of the script, a peepal tree and India's only Brahma temple accompanied with few curses and greedy men result into a Creature which is supposed to jolt you, but doesn't. The movie makes you question the reason why you started watching it in the first place. Horror movies work on compact and mysterious story telling and creature lacks a good story telling expertise and a plot which is mysterious and not predictable.

Bipasha Basu plays the role of Ahana who opens a hotel on a mountain on a Christmas day, what follows is an uninteresting plot and a poorly developed creature. The story could not be more predictable with each of the hotel guests being consecutively picked up by the Creature followed by bank seizing up the place. The end of the movie is as lethargic as the other parts with the cast randomly landing up at a cave where the creature resides, how they find the exact cave remains an unanswered question. As far as the display of acting skills is concerned, the so called scary creature and its counterparts fall flat on their face. Bipasha accepting a script like this us a shame and waste of her talent. Creature 3D also puts to shame the horror expertise of Vikram Bhatt.

At a point of time the movie gets so irritating that you actually start praying that the creature should kill the characters and not vice versa. The movie could have been creepier and had the desired effect if the script was crisp and the VFX were outstandingly marvelous.This Creature lacks a good script and a good direction and thus ends up becoming more annoying than scary.

 Film - Creature 3D

Director - Vikram Bhatt

Cast - Bipasha Basu, Mukul Dev , Imran Abbas Naqvi