There are several tips to become a good student regarding my experience . These are the ways it should be concluded:-

1-Pay attention to the class . In order to know what is important to the subject , We must pay attention to the teacher during the lesson . Sometimes , We could miss important information just because we pay less attention just in 5 minutes so keep to pay attention.

2-Do homework . Homework is to make sure you really understand the lesson and to make you become familiar to the type of the question will be available in exam.

3-Find extra information for the subject if needed .

Today , We can use google search and etc to find more extra information about the subject we learn or any information we need so make use of it.

4 . Join club activities . Sometimes join club activities can reduce your stress on study . So , make sure you grab the opportunities to become the club member . Apart from you gain experience you also gain knowledge how to manage your time management just by itself and you learn something you do not really learned in class . And , of course you gain a lot of information to become a good student and how to start working in industry.

5-Spend some time with others . Sometimes maybe your classmates are asking for help about the problems they face in the class lessons , so , try to solve it together in class study group or personally teach them.

6-Making notes . I know it seems very traditional way of study . But , It still useful and you can make it in your computers if you find weird to hold the notes every where . It is still a good way to memorize the lessons.

7-Playing memory games . These kinds of games seem to be board for some Students but I recommend it to those who have poor memories as it could help you to improve you memorizing skills .

The examples of these games are chess , memory card game and master mind.

8-Take a good rest . Make sure you have enough sleep and breakfast before going to the class . Unless , You will become sleepy and cannot catch that lesson .