Come 2017 a list of subjects will have been taken away. Many of the subjects being axed often overlap in terms of content with other subjects, according to Ofqual. A Levels in "soft" subjects such as performing arts and creative writing are going to be droppedas part of a shake up of the education system.

History of Art had initially started the process of being reassigned for next year but is now going to be axed with the rest of them. Final AS History of Art exams will be sat by pupils next year and the last A Level exams will be taken in 2018.

All subjects should be "similar in overall demand". However there are 43 subjects that are falling below the requirements. Although one of the A Levels to be cut in England is Film, which was studied by almost 9,000 teenagers.

As well as cutting a list of subjects Ofqual has also told exam boards that they must toughen up 73 other subjects including ancient history, business studies, economics, general studies, law and psychology.

This move is part of Michael Gove's plan to dramatically toughen up GCSE's and A Levels to prepare students for the demand of university. He has called for exams to be "more challenging, more ambitious and more rigorous".

Compared with many other countries, England has an "exceptional range" of GCSE, AS and A Level subjects.

The fact that some of these subjects overlapcan be confusing and makes standards more difficult to maintain.

The following subjects will no longer be available in 2017:




Citizenship Studies

Communication and Culture

Computing- replaced by Computer Science

Creative Writing

Critical Thinking

Economics and Business (can still be taken as separate subjects)



General Studies

Global Development (AS only)

Health and Social care

History of Art

Home Economics: Food, nutrition and health


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Leisure Studies

Media: Communication and Production

Moving Image Arts

Performing Arts


Quantitative Methods

Science (AS only)

Science in Society


Travel and Tourism