It is one of the worst tragedies that ever happened in German history of airplane crashes. All passenger of the Germanwings airplane that crashed yesterday in the French Alps are dead. It is estimated that 67 Germans, 45 Spanish and people of other nationalities were on the plane and died.

The cause the crash remains obscure. It is confirmed that one of the blackboxes was found yesterday. Currently, experts are arriving to investigate the accident scene. However, the work remains difficult due to the fact that the area is snow-covered and inaccessible.

The parent company Lufthansa assumes that is was an accident. It was stated that the pilot had more than ten years of experience. Additionally, the routine checks before the start of the flight performed by Lufthansa Technik found no complications.

The plane was on the way from Barcelona in Spain to Düsseldorf in Germany. After the start the airplane reached its cruising height. However, very short after reaching the cruising height the plane started descending and lost altitude continuously.

Since yesterday there is deep mourning in every country in Europe. Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to arrive as well as the French President Francois Hollande and the Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy.

In particular, Germany is shocked. Sixteen pupils and two teachers from a school in the town of Haltern am See in Northern-Westphalia in Germany were on that plane and are expected to be dead. The town is in a state of emergency. The major said it was the darkest day in history for the town. The sixteen pupils who visited class 10 of the school were part of an exchange program and were on their way back home.

For the next days were no one will think of school lessons in Haltern am See.

The plane was delivered by Airbus in 1991 and no complications were known so far. Lufthansa is very concerned about finding out what actually happened. Thus, the investigators will do its best and also in order to clarify the situation for the people who lost their friends and family members due to the accident.