As a freelance writer, one is always on the lookout for new and exciting stories to write. It can however, become a war path when trying to choose which content mill to choose. Question is, is content mills the only option?

 Content mills provide an easy and fast way to earn money from writing fast, but the money is usually very low. In order to uplift oneself as a writer, ones writing should be valued to the one reading and using it. It is very time saving to search for a content mill such as Hub Pages or TextBroker. You sign up, complete your profile and instantly have at least 50 different writing assignments at your fingertips.

It is when you get a few pennies for a hour or two's Work that you start to feel discouraged from your writing dream. How can I make a living from writing then?

The answer is in social media. In order to have a business that is successful, you have to advertise. As a writer, YOU are the business. You have to advertise yourself, that is, your writing services, to the world. Join advertising groups on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Write posts of the type of services you offer. It is always best to have a website where you have a portfolio of all you work, including your rates to which a potential client can go to in order to evaluate you if you are fit for the job. A great we design site is 121hub. 

By advertising on social media groups, you build relationships with people that share a common interest with you.

More than that, you build a network of individuals that know about your services. When an individual company employs you to write for them, you have the advantage of personally contacting the "one in charge" with any questions you might have. You also have the advantage of having a steady workflow from just one person. That way, you do not have to frantically search the web for a decent paying content mill.

A writer writes because he or she has a burning passion to do so. Throwing money into the equation, makes that burning either an inferno, or a soppy mess of ashes. To write is one of the most hardest jobs to do, but it is also the most inspiring!