Online ESL (English As A Second Language) Technology

2014 saw the increased use of new technologies for learning like never before. There also seems to be a real desire among people of all nationalities to learn English more and to a higher standard. How this affected English language learning, or ESL, are in a number of ways.


More people from all over the world have access to technologies for communication such as Skype and Google Hangouts. The increase in free conversation forums where people are available to chat makes people from all economic background able to improve their English.

An explosion in the free resources available for English learners means that grammar, vocabulary and information about testing is available on the internet instead of in traditional printed documents.


There has been a surge in the number of startups providing language support to business individuals and corporate clients. The days of the global recession seem to have connected us closer together, so that English learners are now a closer community who new business owners are very happy to provide excellent premium tuition for via the internet.

Case Studies

There are a number of online English schools out there. They fall into two classes: individuals and corporates. The individual English teacher, as shown on websites which is dedicated to giving a small community of students the best support, advice and tuition he/she possibly can give.

My classes are always one-to-one, as I never like to short-change anyone by putting them in a large group. The prices range from £8 to £15 per hour, but you can expect a high level of customer service and excellent technical knowledge.

Corporate schools are more focused on teaching en masse. Don't expect the same level of customer service or support in helping you to achieve your goals.

Their focus is more profit-based and they will upsell products to you to encourage you to buy more goods and services from them, which you don't necessarily need.

What Do The Students Say About Online English Schools?

As more and more universities around the world study academically online, it is becoming accepted that the world is moving towards online learning.

Edutech is a whole industry built around this demand for it. My community of students tend to love the flexibility of learning from their office or home. It is also beneficial to them to have recordings, videos and web links to hand. Even an online dictionary can make such a dramatic difference to someone looking to keep costs low and overcome language barriers quickly.


Overall, it seems that learning English (ESL) online is a trend which is here to stay. As the internet becomes more complex and access is available in even more remote areas, the chance to study with a qualified, native teacher has never been more important. I recommend stepping onto the fast-track of online English learning, like an infinite amount of others have already, and paying small no-obligation fees to a native teacher. It could pay for itself within 1 month if it helps you get a new job. To take advantage of amazing free resources.