Last night, we saw why Germany deserved to win the World Cup. Having a string of club successes, the German players have proven themselves in the Champions League consistently. It was only a matter of time before they were rewarded on the biggest stage of all.

Lionel Messi probably thought this was his year, but looked as dejected at the final whistle as he has ever looked. Being given the golden boot award was not only ironic, but undeserved too. Many players including Muller, Mascherano, Robben and Neymar had a better call for the award than Lionel Messi.

We are also forgetting how Neuer won the Golden Glove, but should possibly have also won the Golden Boot too, based on his quality in the tournament.

It is nice to have an end to the dominance of world Football by Spain this year (except for the Champions League). To an Englishman, Argentina are an extention of Spain by way of being a Latin country. Part of me enjoys the German victory, while part of me laments how spectacularly Argentina could have crushed my nation's greatest rivals.

Whatever the case, we move on from an historic world cup from the passionate country Brazil with the host country left in tears, as David Luiz and much of the team are left with big dents to their pride and price in the football market.

Now, we shall see whether there will be a period of German dominance in world football, like with Spain, or if we will again be asking in four years if Messi is good enough to carry his team to glory. Or Ronaldo.

Whatever the expectations, Germany won, most other teams, disappointed. And on that note, congratulations must go to Germany.

Predictions will be made about their ability to stay on top of the throne - and they will be put to the test at the next Euros. The Bundesliga hosts the majority of their players, so the success in the Champions League is likely to foreshadow the fate of the nation. Germany did it again, proving why they are a modern, progressive football team in a competition where much of the strategy was to kick lumps out of people. Cheers to Germany.