Chancellor Phillip Hammond has come in for some severe criticism from members of his own party. There appears right now to be a back bench rebellion over the chancellor's decision regarding small business people.

The budget contained a hike in National Insurance contributions for the self-employed that many think unfair. One reason many Conservative MPs feel this is unfair because in the last Conservative Manifesto it stated the self-employed would not pay higher NI.

Hammond breaks promise

Many in this sector feel betrayed by this apparent about-face by Chancellor Phillip Hammond.

Their other reason for thinking this besides betrayal is small businesses are struggling as it is. Many people who have found themselves unemployed have set up their own businesses with some success and have created jobs.

It is a mantra of the Conservative party to say they are for small businesses but many feel now Phillip Hammond is a liar and hypocrite. One notable backbencher speaking up for the self-employed is one Jacob Rees-Mogg. Mogg has stated that Phillip Hammond should re - examine his decision for the self-employed to pay more insurance and he is not the only one.

Theresa May stated as late as yesterday she backs her Chancellor saying the rise in NI for the self-employed was correct.

Ex - DWP man on the attack

One Tory big beast Iain Duncan Smith weighed into the controversial statement contained in the budget. IDS or Iain Duncan Smith said Hammond should look again at the decision to raise national insurance for small businesses.

When the head of the DWP IDS came in for some stick himself but these days he seems to be trying to be the good guy.

Some regard the self-employed who create employment as the bedrock of the economy in the UK. IDS now able to be freer as a backbench MP seems to be merely reflecting this view when talking to the media.

Hammond's response

It would appear Phillip Hammond is a reasonable man and has stated he is prepared to listen to his critics.

That said Hammond said he came to this decision to equalise the situation regarding benefits. That is self-employed people and employed have the same right to benefits. For this reason, Hammond felt the self-employed should pay more national insurance contributions.

Also with the UK soon to be negotiating about Brexit with the EU that was another reason he did this.