5 animal stories that will melt your heart

Read some moving stories of rescued animals. [Image Pixabay]
Read some moving stories of rescued animals. [Image Pixabay]

These are stories of animals that have been rescued and are flourishing, as well as the cute tale of a cat who comforts an anxious dog.

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5 moving animal stories that require a whole box of tissues

Meet Meep and Tonka

Meep is a tiny pit bull puppy with a cleft palate taken in by Norcal Bully Breed Rescue Centre. He was taken under the wing of Tonka, a huge 90 lb pit bull mix and has thrived.


Pandora the paralysed dachshund

Rescued mutt Pandora has intervertebral disc disease which left her paralysed. Her mother, Marissa, has helped the dachsie get through her substance abuse recovery and they have an unbreakable bond. Every evening Marissa and Pandora dine together and these days they want to let everyone know there is life after paralysis.


Champ the rescued pig

A family found Champ the pig stranded in the woods near their home after Hurricane Florence. Champ had a broken leg and was in pretty bad shape, as he had been alone in the woods for some time. The family took Champ to the vet and got him fixed up and running around again. He now has his own special house to live in.

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