5 weird news stories to make your day

Some news from the weirder side of the media. [Image Pixabay]
Some news from the weirder side of the media. [Image Pixabay]

An antique Apple computer, a Walmart wedding, a dog adopts a possum, a raucous obituary and a grenade is shipped with potatoes to Hong Kong.

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5 odd bits of news hidden among in the major headlines

Professor finds old Apple computer in his loft and it still works

Many out there don’t know what a floppy disk is, but this professor was sent back to his childhood when he found his old Apple IIe in the loft, and it still worked fine. Professor John Pfaff of Fordham University had stored the computer in his parents’ attic for several decades. In a tweet, he said he put an old games disk, “Adventureland,” into the floppy drive and it asked if he wanted to restore a saved game. He found one and said it must be 30 years old, but he felt ten years old again.


Couple gets married in Walmart where they met

Joanne and William Boulanger recently got married in Berlin Quarters, Vermont and they tied the knot in the Walmart store where they met and worked. The bride wore black, while the ceremony was performed by an assistant manager who is also a minister. Originally they were having the ceremony in the employee break room, but the wedding was performed in part of the store that had fresh flowers displayed instead. A woman can be heard saying, “Who says you can’t get everything at Walmart?”

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